2010 December

@bobburnquist: Hahaha!! “@mikejohn99: @bobburnquist you should have refused. Once you’re in a museum you know your time’s up. Just look at the dinosaurs.”

@bobburnquist: Thanks Eddie… Means a lot from you… “@EddieElguera: Congratulations to @bobburnquist 4 being inducted into the Sk8brd Hall of Fame!”

@TransWorldSKATE: The video from Tampa Am 2010 Day 2 is up on the site! Shawn Hale qualifies first, Elijah Berle second, and Theotis… http://fb.me/MZXzMLgO

@bobburnquist: Im honored. What an amazing event with so many amazing people. Thanks Skateboarding Hall of Fame. And thank you Skateboarding. God Bless…