2010 April

Here is an entertaining 3 minute video clip starring: Paul Liliani, Pat O’Rourke, Adam Mancini, Dallas Hansen, and Jeff Comber of Green Apple Skateboard Shop. What I like in particular about this the grainy homemade feel in the video. Sure high quality production videos look nice, but videos like this make me want to grab […]

Well if you’re just starting out skating one of the first tricks that is worth learning is the pop-shove it. Like a lot of skateboard tricks it is named after the actions that occur during the trick. Essentially, you pop your board off the ground and shove the tail end around 180 degrees before landing […]

I know you kids hate hearing about how bad things were when I was your age, but I can’t help it. Sometimes we just need to be reminded how lucky we are, and that is exactly why I’m demanding that your parents send you to skate camp. My parents had to choose between sending me […]

I was just over at Transworld watching some videos and reading some articles when I caught a glimpse of this clip of Austin Kanfoush in the yet to be released Shuffl. Before I even finished watching the video Austin had lived up to the buzz he is generating. I can’t wait to see the rest […]

I’m a big Rodney Mullen fan if you hadn’t guessed, and some of the first tricks I learned certainly aren’t what most of the kids today are doing. When I was first got on a skateboard the world was just starting to figure out ways to use a skateboard that wasn’t styled after surfing. I […]

6 year old Korey Frank goes to show that you can never be to young to pick up a skateboard and start shredding. Korey has his own half pipe which he has already started breaking in by spray painting his name on it, dropping in, and busting some nice Rock and Rolls all over it. […]

What better way to start of a fresh skateboard site then to introduce one of the most basic skateboard moves out there, the ollie. Now if you are on this site you probably already know what an ollie is, but for the skateboard novice who might have googled their way here the simplest definition is […]

I have no doubt that this video is from 1984 even though Rodney Mullen’s skill was well ahead of his time when it came to skateboarding. The tricks may not dazzle those who are impressed by large flights of stairs, but the technical ability of Rodney is hard to surpass. Download Video or MP3

Some skateboard videos just make me want to slap on my shoes and socks, walk outside, breathe in some nice fresh air and hit my local skate spot. ┬áThis DVS skateboarder Mark Baines’ skate video does exactly that with its inviting music, a switch 180 over a fountain, and awesome camera angles. So go watch […]